Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Allure of the Automobile Exhibit at the High Part 9, Porsche Type 64

1938-1939 Porsche Type 64
This is a rather unusual specimen for an exhibit - it's actually a recreation of the Type 64 chassis, based on plans of what's thought of as the first Porsche, the VW Aerocoupe. Sort of the missing-link between the VW (the Type 60) and the later Porsche 356, the body design was made by Porsche Büro after wind tunnel tests for a race car that was never built. Only three Type 64s were made, hand-shaped in aluminum by the bodywork company Reutter - only one survived the war. I consider this model to be a prime example of both industrial and streamline design in automobile manufacturing. If you squint a bit you can see the VW origin (squash a VW a bit and narrow the drivers compartment, then smooth out and extend the fenders and you're there). I like the way they have it displayed - seems to be floating in mid air (reminds you of Earth vs the Saucer Men).

Tough taking photos of the chassis - the High had it tucked into a corner so there was only about 20 feet along one edge where I could find a vantage point.

Next up, the 1961 Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato

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